Course 6: Community-based Surveillance for COVID-19

Course 6: Community-based Surveillance for COVID-19

The goal of this course is to provide community-based health workers with a comprehensive understanding of community-based surveillance and their role in it. Community-based surveillance is a rapid and effective system for monitoring your community's health during a public health crisis, such as COVID-19. It is a great way to track events and behaviors that could lead to an increase in COVID-19 cases. This course will walk you through the community-based surveillance workflow, including your responsibilities as a community-based health worker in supporting the data collection and dissemination of information during this pandemic.

Learning Objectives

1) Explain the use of community-based surveillance in supplementing formal surveillance systems, including where community-based health workers can play a role.  

2) Outline the data collection and management processes for community-based surveillance, including:

  • Identifying data sources
  • Assessing which data collection tools are most useful for your community context
  • Describing the data flow steps and your role in the data workflow 
  • Utilizing responsible data management practices to protect privacy
  • Practicing safe behaviors when collecting data in the community during the COVID-19 pandemic

3) Justify the importance of disseminating data during a pandemic response and skills for how to do it effectively.

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Course 6: Community-based Surveillance for COVID-19


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